8/4/2011 -- A good friend of mine told me several weeks ago that I should continue blogging my life, not necessarily for any of you that happen to read this, but for me. So my goal with my new start is to reflect on things that have happened, how they've changed me, and how I can apply what I've learned to the future. Feel free to follow along or whatever, I got things under control even if no one ever reads this.

First post is something like half done, expected time of arrival: 1 week.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 I can't believe time has gone as fast as it has. Week nine! Though after doing the calculations, I'm about 2 weeks short of a third of the way through. That's depressing. Only if you think of it in the sense that all I'm looking forward to is to go home. It is pretty cool to think that I have grasped enough Spanish to claim that I have conversational Spanish capabilities (only as long as your definition of 'conversational' is pretty loose).
 If you didn't happen to notice, the date is the 18th, a Thursday, and I usually write on Sundays... Hmm. What's up with that? Well my friend, that is why you are reading this, to find out what I'm up to! Sit back, relax, and don't forget to try to enjoy reading this! This week is a week of happenings, hardships, and even happiness! (3 'H’s! boo-yah!)
 First off, I'm writing on a Thursday because I'm as sick as a ... Well I was going to say dog, but are dogs ever very sick? (mine was once...) Anyway, I'm pretty sick. (Got a lot of time on my hands, so this might be a bit long, but I'll try to make it interesting.)
 For the last week or two I've been having a sore throat on and off, kinda weird. This morning, .. wait, let me introduce the topic:
 Sunday! Is the first day of the week, and that's when my week started. The doc ran off with the Peruvians and took them to work out at Km 8 to get everything finished up. It was weird Sunday morning not sure if I was going or not, but I probably already told you about that. Just checked, and I did not. So Sunday morning I was laying in bed, just hoping that the doc wouldn't come banging on my door, which he didn't. Though that is probably lucky for him because I was prepared to defend my dia libre (day off), I was not going to go quietly.
 Nothing happened except my adrenaline rising, so I ended up getting outta bed pretty early and wrote lasts weeks blog. The rest of Sunday was pretty chill, figured out that the doc was planning on taking only some of the people to the clinic, just the med team. Lucky me! I'm not on the med team, so I got to work all week with just the Chicos (Peruvian dudes). Because of that, I have taken a vow of just talking Spanish for an indefinite period of time. Tough keeping true to that.
 Monday we cleaned out the Palm trees that are going to be creating some kind of fruit that we get palm oil from. That is in the future though, they are only a max of 4 or 5 feet tall.
 I was thinking about something on the ride back. Wouldn't it be weird in the States to see a massive old blue tractor hauling a trailer with 6 guys, one driving, one riding the fender, 3 on the trailer, and one riding a bike by holding onto the trailer? All are dirty, 3 machetes between the 6 of them, and they are driving down the main highway. Yeah, the only weird part about that here in Peru is that the guy chillin on the fender is a blonde American.
 Tuesday I was thinking that it would be even weirder to see the same guys all riding double on 125cc motorcycles, the American riding the back of one with a total of 7 liters of water, 2 hoes, and a machete. All while trying not to lose his hat to the wind. Ha! Good times.
 Tuesday was also the day I realized that the only difference between me and a weed eater was the body style. You can just call me the human weed eater now. Give me a machete and set me loose!
 I started keeping track of how much water I've been drinking. I do it very professionally, I have a 3 liter pop bottle that I fill up with water (no I did not drink the pop) and count how many times I empty it. So usually I drink about 7 liters of water in a day, give or take a bit. 3 liters in the morning during work, 3 in the afternoon, and approximately 1 during the rest of the day. That is how hot it is down here and how hard I'm working.
 Wednesday is the day that I officially dubbed the weather down here bipolishly ridiculous (loco in Spanish). We were out working in the field, sweating under a yellow massive ball of fire, when clouds started filling the skies. I was overcome with joy, my body was washed through with relief! Clouds meant something good! Shade yes, but lluvia (rain)! Not 10 minutes after the sun disappeared, I looked upwind and sure enough, that far away rain that looks like fog could be seen!
 I was very happy, let me tell you! But lo and behold, (this is were the loco part comes in) not only did the rain just miss us (I could see it coming down), but it had the guts to spit a bit on me and then reveal the sun again. Insolent clouds.
 Ah well, ate some good pineapples this week. Lots of Pineapple! Pineapple is really good down here and it's going outta season!! Oh! And Wednesday we also went and picked up a cabello (horse) for the project. The idea behind that, is that it's cheaper to ride a horse than it is to ride a motorcycle. I heard that and busted up laughing!! Not even kidding either! Ha! Imagine me riding down the highway montando una cabello (riding a horse)! Hahaha!! I'd need a speedometer on the thing to make sure I didn't get myself pulled over.
 All in all, considering that it is more expensive to feed one of the dogs than it is to feed one of us down here, I do believe that riding the horse is going to cost more than 9 or 10 soles a gallon.
 This week Putty's (the female German shepherd, pronounced pooty) puppies are out and about! Three cute little German Shepherd/Rottweiler puppies. Cutest things ever! The thing I love about the puppies is that they run around in a pack, all three of them always together. Found them all cuddled up in the small space under the sink this morning. Man oh man, I'm looking forward to getting myself a puppy. I miss having a dog.
 But! That brings me to today. Got up this morning at 5 to help Elias milk the vaca (cow). It was pretty cool seeing the sun rise into the clouds as it started raining, but I woulda much rather have been able to see something like that at some time other than 5 in the morning.
 Then during breakfast I started feeling kinda weird. Just a slight headache and such, but I just dismissed it as a side affect of getting up so early. So I made the executive decision that I was still going to go work.
 Elias let me drive his motorcycle out to where we were working, about 2.5 or 3 kilometers away. Driving them motorcycles is a buncha fun! Just a heads up.
&nbps;So we get out there and wait for the tractor to catch up (not because I was driving super fast, but because the tractor is slow). By the time the tractor got out there, I was just feeling awful. Headache and diziness upon standing up. Not good. So I told Alfonso that I was going to rest for a bit, which I did while they worked, but after a bit of that and me not getting any better, I decided that I was better off back at the house. I had 1 sole, so I figured I'd get a motokar and get a ride back, so I started walking, hoping that one would drive by.
 I totally did not expect to have to walk the 3 kilometers all the way back, that was not fun. I left my bottle of water with the guys, but I didn't anticipate needing it, but I shoulda brought it with me. By the time I managed to stumble back to the house, I was having trouble seeing straight, not even kidding. I dropped into bed, and spent the rest of the day in, on, or around my bed. Tried eating some lunch, but I ended up having diarrhea 15 minutes after. Lost everything.
 So here I am, a sick missionary that is sick of laying in bed, but can't do much else. I did get a package from WWU today though, that was cool. They didn't realize that I don't eat candy, so Daniel got pretty lucky being the one closest to me when I opened it.
 A song that is pretty chill and has been keeping me out and about is 'My Soul Waits' by Caleb & Sol. "My soul waits for you, Lord I wait for you... Redemption was worth the wait. My soul waits for you." Good song. Reminds me of the verse that says that good comes to those who wait upon the Lord. Not sure where it is, spent a long amount of time looking for it, but if you can, you should listen to the song. Can't look up a link for you because I'm in a internetless place, sorry!
 I'm trying to think of something really deep to say. Can't think of any good quotes or anything, but I will say that I'm changing. Gonna be a different man when I get back. Thought you should know. I still miss home. Looking forward to dropping my feet onto my sea soaked skimboard with my homies, to hearing the constant roar of the ocean wherever I go, to chilling with my mom in the evenings, to hanging out with my dad over at his place, and of course laying my weary body down in my own bed. LC, te estraña.
 Keep me in your prayers please. I can use all I can get. If you get a chance, send me an email or letter or something. Miss you guys.

 My official day off is today. Though, in reality, I've had the last three days off due to my illness. Can't say it's that fun. Lots of sleeping, little food, and little activity. Not something I recommend.
 I'm still going strong at trying to only speak Spanish, it's tough, that is for sure. Haven't done that much talking though, makes it a bit easier. I am going to try to head in to use the internet today. So hopefully this is posted today, but you never know with how I've been feeling. At one point on Friday I had a headache so bad I could hardly open my eyes. ouch. I've been having diarrhea on and off, so I can't each very much. That really sucks.
 Besides being sick, I am doing pretty good. Trying to enjoy my chance to relax as much as I can, not easy though. Don't have a whole lot to say, and I just realized that. I do miss home, but whats new?
 Oh! Heard a good quote! "Begin each day as if it were on purpose." from Hitch, a movie. Funny movie too.
 I'm not here to write you a movie review blog though, you are reading this to read about me or about what's going on around here. Everyone else came back from Km 8 and we are all a big happy family once again. Most of us are sick though. No one has any idea whats going on. That is not necessarily a good thing either. We have 8 pre-med students and two doctors among us. It's funny that we don't know a thing.
 One thing I have noticed, is that people who tend to a more medical background are always the type to take some kind of pill for every occasion, or offer a pill for whatever ailment I have. I think that's pretty funny too, ha. I'm not much for taking meds unless I'm told I will die without them or they are antibacterial, that's when you need 'em, at least in my opinion.
 Nothing against medical people, but I really tried to avoid a medical oriented mission for this reason. I will say that I love living with a doctor back home, but that is because my mom understands where I'm coming from. These people just pass out the meds like candy at the clinics. Yeah the meds help, I'm not denying that, but in the long run, what good does it do to treat the symptoms but not the actual reason for disease? I was reading through some of Mark and some of what Ellen White says about healing, and the Jesus says, talking directly about his followers, that "they shall lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." (Mark 16:18). When was the last time I saw the doc pray for something other than his food? Well, you wouldn't know the answer, but I've never seen a single one of our team pray for one of the patients. It's always talk about what we can do for them, how we can use our training to heal them, how we use our power to do good. Is that how God wanted us to live and to serve? Dunno.
 Well you know whats been weighing on my mind. I try not to say too much to the others about things like that, they tend to be sensitive to my questions about their beliefs. Ah well, life goes on.
 Keep praying for me. Got an email from ITT Tech last week, seriously considering going there. We'll see what happens though. Choice of a College is a big decision. Maybe PSU, ha. I dunno. Might even take a year out and work or hit up CC for a year and work at the same time. Who knows? Not I. Whatever happens, I'm going to be in Oregon and hanging out in LC as much as I can. I'm done with leaving home for long periods of time. Doesn't suit me very well.
 I'm still open to a letter or email! And! Dude, if you guys have a simply delicious recipe that we could make down here, hook me up. We are always looking for something efferent to try. We have access to a lot of different types of veggies and fruits and spices and whatnot, so if you have something, let me know! Miss you.


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  1. Hmm, similar thoughts on the divine healing emphasis. We lack that a bit here, too, though it's something I think we're going to be working on. My perspective is that we should offer physical healing not just for its own sake, but rather to witness and demonstrate the way of spiritual healing. But I know what you mean about sensitivity...