8/4/2011 -- A good friend of mine told me several weeks ago that I should continue blogging my life, not necessarily for any of you that happen to read this, but for me. So my goal with my new start is to reflect on things that have happened, how they've changed me, and how I can apply what I've learned to the future. Feel free to follow along or whatever, I got things under control even if no one ever reads this.

First post is something like half done, expected time of arrival: 1 week.

Friday, November 12, 2010



Been super buys guys. WIll get a more updatyed post soon as I can. Missing home like crazy and I accidentally posted some miss information in a previous post. Stay posted for what was wrong and what is right. Miss you guys.


 It's crazy to think that I've now been here for 6 and a half weeks. Wow wow. Halfway to Christmas break! Just got all those plans figured out. Headed up to visit my grandparents in Costa Rica! Pretty excited about that! They were gracious enough to fly me up there because right now I can't say that I'm very rich, but I do have enough money to get myself where I need to go, and that's what matters.
 This week seems like it was just another week around here... Can't think of a whole lot that happened out of the ordinary.. I guess that we had Monday off, and that was super nice! Tuesday Jonathan and I worked clearing out the coconut trees instead of the other trees (Tawarine.. or something like that). Right now they are about a year old and aren't expected to have coconuts until they are 10. Fresh coconut milk is the best! Had some while we were up the river.
 Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I was approved by the doctor to drive the project truck, so Tuesday I took advantage of that and took the visiting doctor, Dr. Madson, to the airport. Driving here is a lot different because the cops don't care how you drive here. So everyone drives crazy, and to fit in, I gotta keep up. Which is fun, but also dangerous. Don't worry about me though, I learned to drive in the states, so I'm a safe driver, at least compared to the Peruvians.
 Also on Tuesday, Hannah and Janessa made a trip to the embassy in Lima to get Hannah a new passport because it was stolen in the robbery on the river. So until Thursday we were two people short, which is weird because there is only 11 of us. I think we are about a 12 hour bus ride from Lima, maybe 14.
 Oh! And last weekend, on of the cows had a calf! First time I've seen and carried a calf. I was also put on grass duty for the mother, so Lucio (one of the Peruvians) and I took the tractor out every day and cut down some more grass. During this times, I got to drive the tractor! First time for that as well. Made me think of a song, actually, “My Big Green Tractor” by some country singer, and I think that's the title, could be wrong. But he sings “I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor” Ha! The only thing is that our tractor is blue.. Oh well.
 Wednesday I did the same work as Tuesday, cleaning around them coconut trees. There are quite a few of them, so it took a while. By Friday, we had them all cleared out, fertilized, and even planted new ones where some of them had died.
 Thursday was more work, as usual. Jonathan was spending the afternoons in Pucallpa at a lab class to be a lab tech for the medical team. This meant that I got to work one on one with one of the Peruvians, which means that I did a lot of Spanish talking this week! My Spanish is improving, still not fluent, no where near, but better than when I got here! This is good.
 One thing that can make me annoyed or make me laugh, is the doctor's communication ability. Thursday night, it was about 8:45 or so, already later than I'm usually up, I was working on Rachel's computer (it's got a nasty virus) just about to hit the sheets. Elias, the youngest of the Peruvians, came in and was telling me that I had to drive to Pucallpa at 9:20 because the doctor said so. The Peruvians have this on going joke about telling us to do something because the doctor said so. I explained this as best as I could to Elias, and he just told me to go talk to the doctor. So I did, totally expecting the doctor to laugh and call Elias a liar. He didn't, but agreed with Elias telling me that I had to go pick up Hannah and Janessa from the airport.
 That was one of those times that his communication made me laugh, because of course I'd go pick them up. I love driving! So I rounded up Rachel, Stephanie, and Lauren and we road tripped to the airport. It's 38 kilometers, so we got back about 10:30.
 Driving at night in Peru is a nightmare! Very few of the drivers are polite enough to turn their brights off when coming at me. That got really annoying, and I probably ended up flashing something like 80-90% of all oncoming traffic.
 Friday was a day to remember. I relaxed all afternoon! There comes a time when you just need to take a break from life and relax and do whatever you want. That was my Friday afternoon. Without a care in the world, I did some studying and worked on Rachel's computer. That was beautifulness in the form of time. Nothing to do all afternoon, just chillin. I need more days like that around here.
 Sabbath was crazy! There are two churches that the SMs go to down here, both small (20ish at one and 30ish at the other). For this last Sabbath both churches got together and spent the whole day together. So we had one massive church service followed by a Peruvian style potluck (everyone brought food for themselves). After the food, we watched gifted hands (movie about Ben Carson) in Spanish. (I've now watched 2 whole movies in Spanish) That was a cool movie, though I didn't follow all the dialogue, but it was still good. After that, we did the evening vespers/youth group type worship service. That was a relatively long day, but fun because I got to hang out with the kids all day. I kept trying to talk to them in English though, and that didn't work so well. It was difficult to actually communicate because they're not very good at understanding that even as an adult, they speak better Spanish than I.
 Last night, some of the girls went to a Quinciniera (girl's 15th party, however you spell it) I was going to go until I heard that it started at 7 Peruvian style. So I stayed back and did some reading and hit the sheets early. Got up this morning and heard that it started at something like 9 or so and they didn't get back till 1 this morning. Ouch. Glad I didn't go! I feel great this morning after sleeping for 12 hours!
 There you go, my week 7 in review. I will say that I still miss home like crazy. I'm so looking forward to coming back end of next April, but it is still fun here. I realized this week that I am actually starting to kinda like it here, not as much as home, but more than when I got here. That is good. Even liking Peru continues at the present pace, there ain't no way it'll overtake my love of home. So Don't worry!
&nbps;Haven't cut my hair since I left, so this week I started slicking it back with a bandanna when I work so it stays outta my eyes. I'm letting it go to see what happens by the time I get back. I will probably end up cutting it for my sister's wedding though, but it depends on how it looks and what she thinks. My facial hair is getting a bit longer as well. Working on growing it all out! We'll see how it goes, so far it's still a bit scraggly, but getting better. Be prepared for when I get back! I will be a different person!!
 Miss you guys. Keep in contact!! Peace.


  1. I'm glad that you are getting along better. This weekend we had 8 WWU students @ church doing the service and they stayed with us. Andrea, C.J., Jonathan Westcott, Josh ?, Ryan?, Sarah ?, and Kariann Andrea's roommate. Sara Cheek was home for her birthday, but she didn't get Andrea's message in time, I guess, so she did not participate in the service. It was great. Michael played guitar with Ryan for Praise Service, so we had piano, drum, 2 guitars, and 3 singers. Andrea, Karianne, and Jonathan had special music and Ryan spoke about his time as an SM in Ponapai. It was great. We had potluck and then hung out @ our house since it was raining. We walked on the beach, and played games. They all left this a.m. There was a swim meet today as well. Michael went. He said Ali had no competition. She is a senior this year. Crazy, huh. Well, that's all here. Work is the same. Keep writing, we love you. JoAnne

  2. Hope to see you soon Anthony. Praying for you. And call me!