8/4/2011 -- A good friend of mine told me several weeks ago that I should continue blogging my life, not necessarily for any of you that happen to read this, but for me. So my goal with my new start is to reflect on things that have happened, how they've changed me, and how I can apply what I've learned to the future. Feel free to follow along or whatever, I got things under control even if no one ever reads this.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick week


 Home is where the heart is. Literally that would place home in my
chest, but if you think of it as the place I think about the most, then my
home is definitely back in LC. Ain't no doubt about it. This last week made
me miss home the most since I got here.
 It looked like it was gonna be a relatively usual week (usual in the
sense that we don't really plan ahead much and just take things as they
come). The only different part was the VBS thing we're doing with the niños
out at Los Mongoes every night.
 Sunday night I drove us out there and then back for the night,
planning on driving out to Km 8 in the morning with the girls to live there
for the week. The doc informed me that he would need to talk to me and
Jonathan in the morning about the week, but we figured it was just about
who'd be living where between the two of us (we'd already agreed that I'd be
at 8 and he'd stay at 38 because I was having a ton of fun chillin with the
kids every night).
&nbpsMonday morning we show up at the Doc's house to find out that he was
leaving for two weeks to Lima and here was 200 soles for each of us in case
we needed it for gas or an emergency. That was crazy and unexpected, but he
trusted us enough that he told us that he expected us to keep things
 So I proudly walked back to the other house where the girls were and
told them they would have to listen to me for the next two weeks while
Jonathan drove off with the Doc to the airport. I was greeted with laughter
and a good breakfast, and before long those of us off to 8 headed out
(myself and 4 of the girls. Cecilia (the other doctora) was on vacation).
 It was nothing spectacular, that drive to 8, and I ended up taking
Hanna (discovered there is no 'h' on the end) to the post office and to do
some errands around Pucallpa (got a letter from my sis!).
 Then the campaign/VBS thing that night, and we forgot the projector
unfortunately, but the guys preaching made due without. I wasn't feeling so
great, so I took it easy with the kids, but still played Stef's guitar with
Janessa and Rachel on the Ukeleles.
&nbnsp;Tuesday I felt even a bit worse, so I sat out the morning and
reformatted Rachel's computer (had a nasty virus on it). Got that up and
completed by lunch, so the guys convinced me to help them roof the new
house. Roofing in Peru simply means that you nail on the thatch or tin
roofing that you have. They figured that even though I was getting sick, I
could hand them up the pieces of tin as needed.
 It was no problem at the time, but by that evening I had myself a
fever. I had to sit out going to VBS and just went to bed.
 Next day I felt a bit worse, but well enough to sit up and watch a
couple movies on my computer and do some reading, but by Thursday I couldn't
do anything. I just laid in bed all day trying not to move because any
movement would make my heart rate go up and make my headache worse. That
sucked, not gonna lie, but I'll say that I made it through, though it felt
like just barely.
 That was a great week, and on top of it all, the stuff I'm taking for
it (amoxicillin because it was caused by some bacterial infection) has a
side affect of diarrhea and I still have something like three more days of
one pill every 6 hours. Fun fun. I even had some kinda infection in my ear
that made me so lightheaded when I sat or stood, that I couldn't hardly walk
more than the distance to the bathroom at a time.
 Glad I got myself past that, a three day fever is not much fun. But
that was what made me miss home a ton. Big reasons were: at home, the
bathroom is like 10 steps away and at Km 8 it's something like 25-30 meters,
and it's really easy to switch out sheets at home when I'm sick, I just
throw mine in the washer and grab some new ones, but here... Let's just say
that by the time I was done being sick, the whole room stank because of my
sheets (they are washed now, don't worry). But the biggest reason of all is
the fact that my mom is at home. My own personal doctor that does house
calls. One thing about these Peruvian doctors, even Cecilia who speaks
English probably fluently, is that they go jabbering off in Spanish about
something and then just use a couple words to translate into English. So I
never know what I really have, I just have to rely on what I'm feeling.
 Other than that, the Peruvians are all even lazier when the Doc's not
around, quitting time came at 5 in the evening instead of 6 for some reason,
but considering that I was sick, I decided not to ask them about it.
 I do have good news though! Facial hair does make me look older, it
was proven last night. The girls looked through the Walla Walla 'Mask'
(yearbook basically) and laughed when they saw my picture and proceeded to
tell me that I looked like a kid in that picture, which implies that I don't
look like a kid anymore, which means that I look like a man =)
 Life's not all about looks though, I did have the new Peruvian, Ever
(pronounced ebear), say he thought I was 21 or 22. But ya know, since when
does it matter how old I look or act? I'm 19 thank you very much, and I am
proud of my age regardless of whether or not I look it. I am the youngest SM
here, and there's only one Peruvian younger than me (Elias at 18), but
that's alright. I stand beside 1 Timothy 4:12 "Don't let anyone look down
on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in
speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity." Remembered that from
grade school, but looked it up just to be sure. One of my favorite verses
all the way.
 Coming home an May 3rd for sure, and man oh man am I super excited to
get myself back home again!!! But do understand that as much as I love my
home, Peru is still pretty awesome. I'm not gonna die from anxiety, I'll
make it and love it. What's really cool about my flight home, is that I'm
flying Canada Air straight from Lima to Toronto (something like 8 hours)
then from Toronto to P-town! But whats cool about that is my stop in Canada!
Never been to Canada before. And I'll actually get to fly on a plane that
speaks English primarily for the first time in a while! Not gonna lie, I
will miss the Spanish. I'm gonna miss speaking Spanish back home. It'll be
alright though, I've already got a list of things to do when I get home, ha!
&nbps;Anyway, that's 14 weeks a way, so I'm trying not to think about it
took much, but it's tough. My home is pretty amazing.
 But hey, you didn't get online to read about me blabber about my home
life, you got on to hear about Peru! Not sure if I told you guys, but one of
the girls' dad sent us a pressure cooker and so our bean cook time went from
all morning to 30 minutes. Saves a lot of gas and time.
 Interested in knowing about our kitchen? Well our kitchen is a
standard looking kinda kitchen, except about 1/10 the price. So we have this
hardened cardboard stuff for counter tops and just straight wooden shelves
(you can still see the chainsaw marks on the supports). There is also a
fridge, gas stove, a sink that is a concrete basin with a PVC pipe and
valve, a spice shelf, and a fruit hook to keep it away from the millions of
cockroaches that reside in our cooking area.
 A usual evening meal will entail (pre pressure cooker) soaking the
beans and then starting them cooking way before the meal starts, and then
starting the rice about 30 minutes before meal time. I usually grab the big
pot and throw in a little oil and saute some garlic and onions in it
before I put the needed amount of water and then the rice. If we do anything
else we gotta do it from scratch. We always use fresh vegetables. We can buy
bread, not the same as the states, but usually in rolls. Can't think of much
else with cooking, it's all pretty good!
 I would recommend keeping us all in your prayers (all 8 of us now), we
could all use it for sure. The thing that I love about having to live with
all the other SMs is that we are a family. We just kinda talk about
whatever, we look out for each other, we have fun together, and we are sad
together when things are sad. It's quite the amazing thing. That is one of
the biggest reasons that I am glad to be an SM, I'm glad that I could
experience such bonding with peers. Who says that a family needs a mature
adult? Ha! We aren't all running around like kids while the doctor is gone,
don't worry, we are all pretty mature.
 Finances for the week: I put 15 in the food pot this week, cause I was
sick for most of it, 2 soles for lunch on Wednesday, 3 soles on parking at
the airport with Hanna, and that was it. Wow. A grand total of 20 soles in
expenditures this week for me. That puts my average expenditure at: 62.5
soles a week, so for the rest of my time, I can expect to spend about $310.
That sounds a bit better than last week! Ha!
 Don't give up. All good things come from God.

Paz, Esperanza, y Amor,

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