8/4/2011 -- A good friend of mine told me several weeks ago that I should continue blogging my life, not necessarily for any of you that happen to read this, but for me. So my goal with my new start is to reflect on things that have happened, how they've changed me, and how I can apply what I've learned to the future. Feel free to follow along or whatever, I got things under control even if no one ever reads this.

First post is something like half done, expected time of arrival: 1 week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A new friend, a known summer, and next to no free time.


 Ha! Totally wrote the year as 2010 for my date, tells you how much
I've paid attention to the year or rather how many times I write the date
while I'm down here in Peru. Funny thing that is.
 This week was about as rememberable as the day before Pearl Harbor,
can't say anything much exciting happened, or at least that I can remember.
It seems like it was just a dream in which I worked myself like crazy. On
the good side though, I can thing of two pretty major things that happened
this week.
 First off, it was a normal Wednesday (I think Wednesday), or as normal
as they get around here, and I was putting together bunk beds with Daniel
Pua, nothing crazy. Then, outta no where, I heard a little meow. So I turn
around to find myself a little white lonely kitten lost in the grass. Now
I'm fighting him for control of the keyboard. Ha! He's a cool little guy,
named him Bandido (bandit in English) with the second name of Gringito
because that's what the girls wanted to name him.
 He makes life interesting by keeping me on my toes. I'm trying to
teach him to use his sawdust litter box, but he's only successfully used it
once or twice. Other than that, he eats a lot and often, plays hard, and
sleeps a lot, but not all at night. He enjoys playing even in the dark,
which can get annoying, but he does keep me warm when he does sleep, so I
don't mind so much.
 Thinking about it more, this week actually had a monumental
circumstance come round. When the doc got back, he first when out to examine
the house at 8. Us guys were sitting around eating dinner at the time, and
we just knew he was gonna come back in and tell us how poorly we'd been
working and how much faster we needed to get things done. But! When he came
back in, he came around and shook each of our hands and told us all we'd
done a good job on the house so far. I was speechless. He also seems to have
time to work with us this week as well, which is also a first. No idea why,
but I don't mind this kinda action from the doc.
 I don't expect that you want to hear much about the construction work
we've been doing, but we are just about done with the house at 8 finally. We
just have some of the beds, a bit more walling, the finalization of the
bathrooms, and the water tower to finish. I expect to be done by Tuesday,
but we'll see what goes down.
 I feel like I don't have much to say right now, which doesn't happen
very often, though I did just realize that I have yet to inform you guys
about our upcoming campaign and my summer plans!
 Remember Dr. Matson? Pretty sure I mentioned him once or twice, but he
was here earlier in the year to check this place out and plan a medical
campaign through the school he works for, and he's also the guy we're
building the house for. So he's coming this week, starts the campaign on
Friday, in fact, for a week, which is going to be another week of craziness,
but it'll be fun. My official job title for the week that he'll be here is
'Chauffeur', so I'm actually kinda excited. If you think that sounds like a
cush job, you've never driven in or around Pucallpa, so just a heads up.
 What he's going to be doing here is pretty straight forward, a free
medical clinic as well as some kind of lab tests on local feces. Where
Jonathan and I come in as the Chauffeurs, is we'll be taking them around to
all the places they need to go and whatever else needs to be done that
involves the vehicles.
 I did figure out what I'll be doing with my summer last week, but
failed to mention it. I'll be working my first full time job! Same place as
I volunteered last summer working for the State of Washington for the
Children's Home Society of Washington and the migrant housing (Mexican)
neighborhood just outside of Walla Walla. I'll basically be supervising the
kids for the summer day program we put on, but it's a ton funner than it
sounds! Trust me.
 I'm super excited for that! And I even have a room mate for the
summer, so just looking for a place to stay. If you got something, even just
a lead about an apartment or some place we can stay, let me know!
 And guess what I found out while talking to my mom, my sister is
married now!!! Without me being there!!! I'll be at the 'wedding' but the
real thing went down a week ago. Disappointing for me, but understandable. I
was talking to Jonathan about it, and I'm probably gonna ask my wife to be
"Will you marry me soon?" because I sure don't want to have a long
 Hearing about that just really makes me miss my family back home. Not
just my sister, but everyone. In the last 6 months I haven't sat down
chatted with my mom while working on a puzzle, I haven't taken the time to
beat my brother at a game of 21 or go skimming with him, nor have I gotten a
chance to have a real conversation with my sister. I'm dying here! Sure
looking forward to hanging with all of them again.
 Just to keep you updated, I still have no idea what I'll be doing next
year. School is high on the list, but I would still love to come back to
Peru for part of the year. Though I have definitely decided that I will
probably move outta the states after I have a degree and a woman, obviously
a woman that wants to go with me, we'll see how that goes.
 Expenses! I started writing a program to log my expenses with, but to
do it right means making it pretty complicated, so it'll be a while till I
use it. But I haven't spent too much money this week, which is a good thing.
Food was kinda weird this week, but I'm going to say that I put in the usual
35 soles for food for the sake of normality. On top of that, we went out to
eat for a total of 5 soles, I put 10 soles in the truck outta my own money
just because, I gave 2 soles to Rachel to cover part of her taxi ride on her
way to 38, and then I covered her for when we went out to eat, so 6 there.
(It was her birthday, I wasn't trying to be weird or anything) I also paid
two guys that helped us get the truck outta the mud, 1.5 each, so 3 total.
That comes to a total of 61 soles, almost the same as lost week. That brings
my total to: 676 for an ever lessening average of 75 soles a week (27 USD).
That means I'm looking at putting out 526 soles more (188 USD) so I'm
looking at being fine.
 I did just remember that I did have a massive staph (Not sure how to
spell that) infection on my leg so bad that I was having trouble walking,
but Cecilia took care of that in the most painful operation in my life. She
squeeze out all the puss by using all her might, and let me tell you
something, she ain't weak! But now I'm fine after two butt shots of some
kinda antibiotic, so don't worry! Just trying to put out the last little bit
of healing.
 So Peru is dangerous, being an SM is dangerous, living is dangerous,
and that is an interesting concept. Something to think about for you.
 A real parting thought: When God calls us to go out into all the world
to preach the good news, does financially supporting a missionary count?
Hmmmmmmmm...... Dunno, that just hit me yesterday or maybe the day before..
But hey, have yourself a good night, morning, afternoon, or whatever, and
I'll see you soon!



  1. I would have squeezed that pus out for you bro! Anytime :)

  2. Pretty gross Anthony! I think supporting a missionary counts, but it does not take the place of sharing the gospel by word and our lives in our sphere of influence every day. It's not long until you get home! Can't wait to see you. Michael has been home for spring break and it has been good to see him too. Love you both,
    JoAnne Kort