8/4/2011 -- A good friend of mine told me several weeks ago that I should continue blogging my life, not necessarily for any of you that happen to read this, but for me. So my goal with my new start is to reflect on things that have happened, how they've changed me, and how I can apply what I've learned to the future. Feel free to follow along or whatever, I got things under control even if no one ever reads this.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Peruvian in LC?


 First off I just wanna apologize real quick for taking so long to get up this last post. I say last and I mean my last post that chronicles my adventures in Peru. I'm considering continuing my writing here on my blog for the sake of the practice, but we'll see what goes down.
 Well as of right now, I've been home for 6 days and have worked every day thus far, that is except Sabbath. That is because I came back from Peru with 41 bucks in my bank account and that's not really enough to cover insurance for my car nor pay the bills on my phone. So I have yet to pull my car outta the garage, but it is running thankfully. It took 15 minutes, but when the engined roared, it sounded like a beast! Ha! It was a good feeling, but it's still sitting in my garage awaiting insurance and new brake fluid.
 But hey, this is about my Peruvian adventures I do believe. And looking right now, it seems that I left off on the night before my birthday. So yeah, my birthday was another day, everyone did say happy birthday though, so that was cool. We tried to go out to eat in the evening, and successfully got food, but we failed at getting Jenessa to the airport in time, so she missed her flight. Though you would think that getting someone to the airport 45 minutes ahead of take off time for a domestic flight is sufficient, but not so in Pucallpa. We figured that one out the hard way. But we did get to keep Jenessa for another day, so it wasn't all bad, though I'm sure it did cost a bit more than it should have. Everything happens for a reason, right?
 Oh, and that night the truck got a flat in the airport parking lot, so I stayed at the clinic for the night and came back for it in the morning. Because of that I was absent from church for my last Sabbath in Peru. I'm gonna repeat myself here to make me feel better: Everything happens for a reason.
 Sabbath afternoon we took a boat out on the river to go see some sights, that was cool, but kinda spendy. We did get to go swimming in the river though, so I like to think that it was worth it. Other than that, we took Jenessa to the airport that night and called it a day.
 Sunday was the day that I was supposed to leave Pucallpa, but no buses droe out that day, so I ended up on a flight on Monday. So on Sunday I helped Steph and Rach get to the airport and then did some shopping in Pucallpa and was around to see Rebecca's parents off as well. That night I made it back to 38 to do some packing before I hit the sheets. Nothing too exciting.
 Monday was the day I was supposed to leave, and leave I did. Though before taking off I spent the day packing and playing with Charles and Jackie, Daniel Pua's little ones. That was a good day, but sad because I had to say goodbye to everyone there. Including my little Bandido, my kitten. I'm sure everyone is fine without me, as much as I miss them, so I don't worry too much. I'm not much of that kinda person.
 My flights were not exciting at all, nothing crazy happened. Out of that, I did figure out that there is something peaceful about traveling solo, I really enjoyed it. I saw Rach and Steph once again in Lima, so I said goodbye to them again. Then the counter dude told me I spoke good Spanish with a jungle accent. Made me laugh.
 Flew into P town Tuesday night 40 minutes early, so I had a good wait waiting for my mom to come. When she did get there, she walked right by me, which made me laugh.
 The first place I went out to eat was Taco Bell, hard choice right there, and has been the only restaurant I've eaten at since I've been back, but that might also have to do with the fact that I have spent absolutely nothing since I got back. I'm in money saving mode. Don't spend when you don't have too. I even walked by a box of Lindt 70% dark chocolate at the grocery store the other day without buying it. Sure I picked it up and admired it with my nose and eyes, but I left it there.
 Without a car, I've been having my friends come to visit, which has been cool. I've actually had a large number (relatively large) of my friends come to say hi! Feels good to have people come looking for me, ha! I also made it to the high school play the other night and saw a bunch more people there as well.
&nbps;The majority of my time has been spent working for my mom though, putting in side walk and hauling gravel. The first day I was here I went out and bought (with my mom's money) a square headed short handled shovel like the ones we used in Peru for the sake of familiarity. It looks to be quite old by now.
 So outta my 8 months in Peru, what have I learned? Interesting question. I could go on and on about all the construction techniques, survival skills and Spanish word usage that I learned, and so for that reason I would present a more direct and contemplative question:
Did 8 months serving as a Student Missionary bring me closer to God?
 And to that question I would answer yes. Explanation? As follows:
 I believe that knowing one self is better knowing God. Like a work of art or a computer program, the way it's designed reflects the artist or author.
 Hardship is was brings out someone's real personality, or at least that's what the movies all say, or is it true? Well I would argue that yes, my 'real' personality was brought out through the hardship I went through in Peru, but how would my personality bring me closer to God?
 Let me give you a more real answer to that question, this blog is something I've created. Can you see me in the words in the personality of this blog? Can you imagine me saying the things written here? If you answered yes, then thank you!
 Same way with me. God created me with my personality because he has a plan for me. If I know who I am, I am at a greater advantage to know what he has in store for me and I can better work with it if I know what it is and how it works.
 Don't get me wrong though, I do believe in the time set aside everyday for him, whether it's reading your Bible or serving, a relationship with God is a good thing, important thing! I actually read my Bible in Spanish now to keep myself in practice. Makes for an interesting experience.
 that is how things are for me, if you were wondering. Was it worth it going to Peru and sacrificing those 8 months for the experience? Well absolutely. I would go back and do the same if I was given the opportunity, that is for sure. So I'm glad I went, and I'm glad to be back.
 One thing people talk about a lot is reverse culture shock. In my experience that is a myth. To me we have two different countries and cultures and I have learned to live and to thrive in both, why would I have trouble going between the two? Not sure, but I have experienced little to no difficulty being home. The weirdest part is the timing of the sunset and then speaking English all the time. I'll admit that my first trip to the hardware store I started talking to the register lady in Spanish, but quickly corrected myself with no problems. I don't even think she noticed.
 Life is good. If you happen to be reading this wishing to have seen me, send me an email. You can't text me at this point in time because my mom had texting blocked on my phone while I was gone. And I have yet to pay it off. Working on that.
 You can still keep praying for me if you feel like it, life goes on even here in the states. My job for the summer has yet to put up an application with which I can apply, so I await that, and it's looking like I will be in Portland for school next year, but i still have to contact them about that. They are poor communicators.
 So my life resumes here in the States. And it's good to be home.


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